Spiritual Direction

Patti Essig In January 2019 I embarked on a two year transformative Spiritual Guidance/Direction Training Program at the Siena Retreat Center. At that time I had no idea how much support and love I would feel and how that love and support encouraged me to be most vulnerable, self-reflective and grow deeply in a better understanding of myself and the presence of the Divine in my life. I found that this sacred journey prepared and invited me to share and offer my gifts as a Spiritual Guide/Director.

As a Spiritual Director, I believe that the Divine is present and active in every moment of life. I bring the gifts of peaceful presence while listening with an open heart to each individual who desires a deeper connection with the Divine through the exploration and discovery of themselves and the endless expressions of Spirit in their life.

It would be an honor to accompany you on your sacred journey as you discern and discover your own inner wisdom.


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Sacred Journey


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