Benefits of Yoga with Yoga Energy

Your body and mind are magnificently engineered to function most efficiently and effectively when you are relaxed.In today's technology driven culture it is easy to become overloaded (stressed) and lose sight (unconscious) of our true nature, which is peace, joy and love.

Yoga, by ancient understanding is expressed through postures, breathing techniques, meditation, and self-analysis. Numerous studies have shown the negative affects of stress are managed by the practice of yoga in such a way as to experience:

Amrit yoga focuses on breathing to unleash the body's natural wisdom. Yoga is the process of going inward-moving from the thinking center to the feeling center. This helps to increase your awareness of what is happening internally-physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Increasing your awareness extends your control over what is happening with in. As a result, you notice the effects of stress and can make changes before they become full-blown illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and anxiety attacks. Yoga invites you to remove the obstacles that prevent you from experiencing peace, joy and love that is the core of your nature.

Student Testimonial:

I have always wanted to try Yoga but was afraid. I thought I wasn't flexible enough, that I would look stupid, or that I wouldn't be able to keep up. Boy, was I wrong! There were all sizes, shapes and levels of experience in our class and Patti made everyone feel welcome and she never once made anyone feel they shouldn't be there. Patti encouraged us to do what we could and offered variations if we thought it was too difficult, but she never singled anyone out. Our class was at lunch time and I couldn't wait to get there! I love how peaceful it was and how relaxed I felt afterwards!



Breath, Relax, Let Go!