Meditative Yoga Nidra

Patti has experienced the transformational and healing power of Yoga Nidra ever since her 7 day Yoga Nidra intensive with world-renowned yoga master Yogi Amrit Desai in November 2002 and has continued her studies of Yoga Nidra with him in 2005 and 2008.

The literal translation of "nidra" is sleep. However, the guided meditation practice of Yoga Nidra is a state of awareness, not the unconscious sleep of slumber. Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice of guided meditation done lying down that uniquely unwinds the nervous system, eliminates stress and reduces high blood pressure.

Yoga Nidra takes your brain to the alpha state and eventually the even deeper theta wave state. Focusing on the Third Eye in Yoga Nidra reactivates hormones located in the pineal gland known as melatonin, which helps prevent illness, slows the aging process, induces more restful sleep, boosts the immune system, and promotes healing.

Patti facilitates Yoga Nidra Meditations and Meditative Labyrinth Walks and would be happy to tailor them to your group needs.

Meditative Labyrinth Walks

Patti received her facilitator training in 2011 with the Rev. Dr. Lauren Artress founder of Veriditas in Chratres, France, and was certified in August 2012.

What is the Labyrinth?

The labyrinth is an ancient symbol relating to wholeness and is used as a metaphor of our life's journey. Unlike a maze, which aims to confuse and disorient those who walk it, a labyrinth offers only one possible route; the same path leads inward to the center, then outward again. The journey ends where it began.

What is the history of the Labyrinth?

Labyrinths have been known to the human race for over four thousand years. The oldest form on record is the Cretan labyrinth, also called the classical seven-circuit labyrinth. It is believed that these designs evolved out of the spiral figures found in nature.

What is the purpose of the Labyrinth?

The Labyrinth is used for a variety of purposes. Many people find the slow movement and meditative tone of walking the labyrinth helps to quiet the restless mind, often bringing clarity, inner peace and revelation. Labyrinth walks can be used in times of celebration, during times of self questioning, major life change or bereavement. The labyrinth is a tool for community building, an agent for global peace and a metaphor for the blossoming of the Spirit in our lives.

Patti has designed and led "A Labyrinth Pilgrimage, Honoring the Phases Of Our Lives." She has facilitated labyrinth walks and retreats at St. Thomas the Apostle Church in Naperville, Illinois, Trinity United Methodist Church in Chicago, Loretto Retreat Center in Wheaton and for the Good Samaritan Hospital Mission and Spiritual Care Department.

Labyrinth Links:

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